Superpowers For E-Commerce Platforms Selling Phones

Put your Phone Selling Strategy on Steroids!

Did you know that 40% of India's E-Tailing market is mobile handsets? Leviosa helps you succeed in this critical segment!

Add Superpowers to Your Mobile Handset E-Commerce Strategy

Get a big leverage in the biggest segment of Indian e-commerce

Get Up to 20% Higher Conversions

Improve the conversion ratios on your product pages with smart data: Explained specs/features, Expert reviews & quotes, Smart comparisons

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Make Operations Data-Driven

Get real-time competitive intelligence on daily sales volumes, and prices of each phone model, on competing e-com platforms

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Enjoy Simple-as-Cake Integration

Want to integrate one of our tools? Just add a secret key to our API end-points, and start immediately. No kidding

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Specs API

Get access to the best structured specifications data-set on phones in the industry

  • We promise over 99% data accuracy
  • Backed by a high quality content team, that's been in the industry for 10+ years
  • Constantly updated ‘dynamic data fields’, like OS version
  • User explanations for tech jargon ('What does this feature mean to me?')

Reviews & Opinion API

Reviews matter...a lot. Expert reviews from trusted media brands, even more so

  • We track 150+ sources (Indian + International) daily for phone reviews & review quotes
  • Show all reviews, or only positive ones: all reviews are 'sentiment' tagged
  • Create unique 'subjective' search filters based on analysis of phone reviews: 'Good camera', 'Good display', 'Good battery' - to mimic the way in which people actually chose phones!

Smart Compare API

Phone purchase decisions are 'compare' decisions, not isolated choices. Help your users compare the current phone with its top competitors

  • Intelligently auto-identified top competitors
  • Feature-by-feature structured tabular comparison, with the 'better' phone highlighted

News API

Add even more context to your phone pages with a unique phone news API

  • Provide interesting news to your users on the current phone and brand: software updates, marketing campaigns, tips & tricks
  • Daily news updates, from 100+ sources

Sales Intelligence

Monitor daily sales volumes for each phone model, on your competitor platforms

  • Powerful, heuristic algorithm, with a measured correlation with actual sales of 70-85%
  • Drive data-driven operational decisions, on what to sell, and at what price - game-changing leverage for a highly-skewed-in-favor-of-few-phones and highly-value-driven Indian market!

Search Intelligence

Get a low-down on what phones India is searching for (online)

  • Powerful algorithm, based on top of Google search data
  • Model-wise share of searches
  • Drive data-driven operational decisions, based on what is likely to sell

Pricing Intelligence

Monitor prices of all phone models, on your platform vs competitor platforms

  • Daily updated prices and offers
  • Combine with Sales Intelligence to drive even more powerful data-driven operational decisions, on what to sell, and at what price!

Simple Integration

Simplicity is our driving philosophy. Your engineering team will love us

  • Simple, unique, structured data APIs
  • Ready data pipes
  • Daily data updates, backed by our human+machine workflows at the backend
  • 24x7 reliability

Our Credentials


Leviosa is brought to you by PhoneCurry.com

PhoneCurry is a simple, powerful phone recommendation platform, that has helped 10 million+ Indian consumers decide which phone to buy!

With Leviosa our goal is to extend the powerful data streams that drive the internals of PhoneCurry to e-com players to help them sell phones better!